Saturday, May 15, 2010

In between stations

I have been travelling alone since time immemorial and during these journeys I met many curious people. I have come across many curious uncles and aunties, curious men who fall somewhere between the late twenties and late fifties who try to gel inspite of my cold response. Of course to my relief at times I do find kids-the ones with whom I gel really well as they are the only ones who belong to the category 'you get what you see'.

I have learnt not to mingle with strangers at the same time travel without getting restless and bored, I always carry novels which are atleast as thick as the best available encyclopedia, which I use as a means of self defense as soon as I sense that people are getting ready to start their 'let's know' session. I try to give an impression that I am lost in the world of magical web created by the words. While I enjoy reading I also keep a tab on the happenings taking place around me.

I wonder why people are so curious to know about strangers and especially if it is a single woman, people just cannot control their urge to inquire. Most of the times I have succeeded in discouraging people to start a conversation by using simple defense mechanisms like giving cold stares and holding onto ‘my encyclopedias’. But there are some curious passengers who believe in ‘never say die’ motto.

I remember one such incidence, when I was the only woman travelling with seven male co-passengers out of which six mid-forties-shady-looking men were a group. on day one, they tried their best to start a conversation-but with my state-of-art devices I defeated them. 

On day two, they started encouraging the male co-passenger who was not part of their group and was seating beside me to start a conversation….but to their bad luck I overheard them whispering. So I realized that I need to device an ingenious method this time to ward off the evil. Thanks to advances in technology and the network connections which follow wherever you go, I dialed a friend’s number and started a conversation which was not very loud, but loud enough to be heard by the guy sitting beside me. My friend on the other side asked, “How are your co-passengers?” To which I replied,“People can be so shameless, even after you give them all indications that you are not interested in having a conversation, they still keep trying.” To my luck the mid-thirties guy on the next seat who by now was almost ready to invade my guarded territory had some social sense, so on hearing this conversation he was somewhat embarrassed and decided to retrace his steps. Thank God!

Well I had a couple of good experiences also with uncle and aunties who were nice enough to start a conversation not out of curiosity but because it's a long journey and it's always good to have people around to share thoughts.


  1. Lol! Thats a good one rowdy rangamma! I enjoyed ur story and the motto...

  2. Hmmm...interesting blog you have put there !

    Your profile seems somewhat similar to mine !
    "These posts are my reactions to incidences that I have come across or read or heard about..."


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